About Us

Our mission is to use interior design to create beautiful and therapeutic living spaces for critically ill, injured, abused, neglected or emotionally distressed children who are in foster care, institutionalized or hospitalized. Our mission is to create these spaces free of charge for these children, through the volunteer efforts of our members. Our broader mission also includes organizing recreational activities for these children and supplying these children with clothing, toys and related items for their comfort and well being.

Project Suite Pea is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization co-founded by Rachel Isaak and Sherie Artaza. Appalled and saddened by the growing number of child abuse and neglect cases in the news, the two stay at home moms often wondered the fate of these children.

What happened to them after they were finally removed from their homes after enduring the unimaginable? The answer was placement in emergency shelters, group homes, and often hospitals.

While these places provide safety, shelter and new hope for the children, they are often dreary and institutional. They simply do not have the resources to allocate towards design improvements, although these .little extras. can make a huge impact on a child's spirit and morale.

Through charitable donations of both time and money, Project Suite Pea's .dream Team. is able to create warm and comfortable child-friendly rooms where kids can finally have a chance to just be kids. For many children, this is a first.

Because no child should ever have to suffer, Project Suite Pea is committed to creating dream rooms and new beginnings for those affected by abuse and neglect.

On Friday September 12, 2008, Project Suite Pea was given an award for their efforts for going "Above and Beyond". We are very honored and thank all of our volunteers and supporters for helping us make this happen. The bigger award is being able to help the homeless, fostered and CPS youth of our community. Project Suite Pea may be small potatoes compared to some but have some of the biggest hearts in town.

Project Suite Pea celebrated their 1 year anniversary in the month of March 2009. Rachel, Sherie and Tracey (directors of Project Suite Pea) would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the past year. Because of your generosity and concern for the kids we help, we are able to reach out to more youth in the Austin Community. We look forward to celebrating another year next March 2010. Thanks again for all of your support.

Project Suite Pea had the pleasure to meet this incredible boy named Ethan. He is 7, active, happy and full of life. Ethan is one of 5 children adopted by Richard and Jil Edmonds. In the past 7 years of Ethan's life he has had over 20 plus surgeries and 3 of those being open heart surgeries. Ethan has to have a forth open heart surgery and the doctors are giving him a 30% survival rate. This family is so full of life and love. Despite the past and what the future holds, they live everyday to the fullest. Ethan showed us how not to take anything for granted and find the good in everything. Ethan LOVES Wall-E and we are so thankful that we had the opportunity to give him his dream room.

Another great year has gone by

March 2011 made 3 years of giving memories. Project Suite Pea took a short break in 2010 due to health issues. Some people asked us if we werent going to do Project Suite Pea anymore and the we will tell you what we told them, "No." Due to state funds being slashed and the number of kids in the system growing everyday, we will continue to reach out to them. Every bit counts. Thank you to all of you for your continued support.